Roccat Power Grid [ENG] - Installation

The Roccat System is very easy to install.
At first download the software for the PC from the Roccat homepage:

You have to create an account at the homepage to use the market place to download the Roccat grids.

If you have installed the software for the PC install now the app on your mobile phone or tablet.
Now connect the app with the software on the PC.

Use the scan button if your PC isnt in the list then use the cmd.exe to show your IP adress.

Win7 - search - cmd.exe    Enter
Win10 - cortana - cmd.exe    Enter

press enter to open cmd.exe then type in 

here you can see your IP adress

type your IP adress in your app "Enter IP Adress"

In the app press "add device" 

Now the PC asks you to accept the incoming connection
press yes 

now you see your mobile phone or your tablet in the Roccat software at the PC

thats it

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